With over 14 000 public respondents and a network of over 1500 self and peer assessors across England we are seeing some high quality evaluations take place as part of the Quality Metrics National Test.

Most organisations have run one or two events so far and have more planned (the majority of organisations have signed up to evaluate three events with the quality metrics before the end of May 2016).

Over the next few months we will be in touch with organisations about their data and what value and insight can be extracted from it. We are also in the process of collecting metadata such as the artform and location of specific events. This will enable us to get the most value out of the anonymised aggregate dataset, results of which are to be published as part of a public report due in July. All organisations in the trial are invited to our next Quality Metrics events, if you haven’t received your invitation yet let us know

There is still another 9 weeks left for evaluating work. If you would like assistance in interpreting the quality metrics data or have any questions about using the Culture Counts dashboard, please contact us or browse ideas in our Resources page.