Prior to this Quality Metrics National Test Phase, the Quality Metrics project received support from the Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, which was a joint initiative between Nesta, the Arts & Humanities Research Council, and Arts Council England.


Under the terms of our Digital R&D award, we had to develop the Quality Metrics and the Culture Counts platform so that we could offer a ‘free trial’ to Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations and Major Partner Museums. The terms of the trial are that participating organisations will use the Culture Counts platform on a self-supporting basis with minimum levels of support. Their data will not be shared with other organisations or analysed as part of the Quality Metrics National Test phase.


We are now providing those NPOs and MPMs not taking part in the Quality Metrics National Test phase the chance to take up that ‘free trial’ offer made possible by our Digital R&D Award. Participating NPOs and MPMs will gain access to the Culture Counts platform between April and July 2016.


If are you interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with us by March 1st 2016.